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Get Rewarded for Shopping!

Very Inspired Shopper Cards

At Philly Faire it pays to shop!  We are proud to introduce an opportunity for our patrons to have a chance at even more from their favorite vendors!

To get started, you will be given a V.I.S. (Very Inspired Shopper) Card at the front gate when you arrive.  For every $10 threshold you pass while purchasing from our vendors, they will mark a spot on your card.  Once all 10 spots have been marked, you will bring the card to the Final Revals and enter it in the selection box.

If your card is selected you will get a $50 Visa Gift Card, 4 tickets to next year's Faire, and a goodie bag of gifts from the vendors.  There is no limit to the number of cards you can enter but you must be present to be selected.

Happy Shopping!


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